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Hello, I’m Cindy and I create React web applications and web applications as a freelancer.


I started out as a kid fixing computers and coding games in Visual Basic 6, which was cutting edge technology at the time.

When the internet became more widespread, I discovered the web, first with HTML/CSS, and then by creating complex applications using PHP and ASP classic. I since then completed an electrical engineering degree, but I never could leave the web behind. I then worked 12 years after that as a developer in a medium-size business programming, reviewing code, talking about architecture, solving business problems and analyzing new features in a variety of technologies such as ASP.NET, React and native Android.

I’m now working as a freelancer for startup and very small businesses building web applications in React, native Android mobile applications and React Native mobile applications, along with building out a few of my own projects.

I’m always glad to chat about software you want me to build for you, or anything interesting you may be doing. You can reach me on Twitter at @CindyPtn or via my Contact Me page.